green-chlorite green chlorite GREEN CHLORITE green chlorite

“Stone of Self-Healing”

GREEN CHLORITE is a very powerful purifier in terms of self-healing. It is one of the mineral kingdom’s strongest and most deepest healing minerals.

GREEN CHLORITE is known as a regeneration crystal. It is used to connect with high vibrational energies and can ease connection to healing guides.

Allows one  to connect and heal to vibrate in perfect harmony with Mother Earth

CHAKRA(s): All, Especially The Heart and Third-Eye Chakra



  • Healing
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Regeneration
  • Self-Healing
  • Money


  • Removes Negative Energies
  • Releases Earth Bound Spirits
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Protects The Whole Environment


  • Creative Thoughts
  • Inner Balance
  • Healthy Well-Being
  • Healing of Any Disease
  • Growth of ‘Friendly Bacteria’
  • Cellular Regeneration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Clairaudience
  • Growth
  • Fertility


  • Provides access to information from the purity of the Angelic realms
  • Harmonizes higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body
  • Grounds negative energies and emotions with those of the Earth
  • Cleans the aura, balances the Chakras, aligns and unblock the meridians
  • Refreshes the aura with Earth Energy to revitalize one and helps increase appreciation for the natural environment
  • Enhances creative thoughts and creative abilities
  • Helps resolve issues of the heart
  • Facilitates communication with nature spirits
  • Powerful self-healing and regeneration crystal
  • Used to aid with inner-balance, health and overall well-being
  • Used to help in the releasing of Earthbound Spirits
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy
  • Will dissipate anger, fear and frustrations
  • Eliminates harmful toxins from the body
  • Helps one to overcome self-hate and low self-esteem


  • Physical Body
  • Auric Field
  • Depression
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Assimilate Minerals and Vitamins
  • Skin Conditions
  • Liver Spots


Tune Into Earth Consciousness: Chariote

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