Cassiterite-253925 cassiterite CASSITERITE cassiterite 253925

“Stone of Initiation”

CASSITERITE is the stone of initiation, which vibrates at the frequency of the threshold (the liminal space between worlds). Meditating with this stone will ensure one becomes familiar with crossing many thresholds and moving through numerous interdimensional gates.

Cassiterite is ideal for shamans, mediums, channelers and those working with other worlds.

CASSITERITE has a vibration that will either create a doorway for new manifestations and destruction of the old. It allows one to draw energy into the form one desires. It can aid in breaking down old dorms and releasing energy from outmoded structures.

Cassiterite facilitates the soul in ascending from the body into the Light.

CASSITERITE helps to release cellular memories and for this to encourage deep healing at the soul level. It will aid in healing old childhood issues and release energetic stuff that is holding one back from their life’s journey.

cassiterite-in-quartz-tumblestone-39mm_3 cassiterite CASSITERITE cassiterite in quartz tumblestone 39mm 3

CHAKRA(s): EarthstarRoot, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Soul Star & Etheric Chakras



  • Manifestation
  • Spiritual Grounding
  • Balance


  • Physically From Danger


  • Optimism
  • Manifestation
  • Death and Birth
  • Divine Light Intake
  • Initiation
  • The Lower Chakras
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Ascension
  • Courage
  • Balanced Energy


  • Helps decrease negative thoughts
  • Balances the energy bodies
  • Connects one’s consciousness with the Universal source
  • Facilitates the shifting of consciousness
  • Encourages inner-journeying
  • Helps one move from the physical realms into the spiritual realms
  • Helps one understand impermanence, omnipresence and Divine source
  • Excellent grounding stone to help bring Divine light into the physical body
  • Aids in freeing one from stuck patterns
  • Assist one from moving out of density and into the light
  • Grounds the soul of newborns into the body
  • Facilitates the soul in ascending from the body into the light
  • Helps one overcome the fear of death
  • Aid intellectual problem solving
  • Strong stone in shamanic journeying
  • Helps to let go of feelings relating to any rejection
  • Teaches one to discover soul lessons
  • Helps one discover and release old childhood issues


  • The Soul
  • Helps Release Cellular Memories


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