Benitoite-Neptunite-40041 benitoite BENITOITE benitoite neptunite 40041

“Stone of Premiere Channeling”

High Vibration Crystal

BENITOITE is a very rare, and much-needed, crystal. It is known to be an excellent aid in healing. It helps revitalize the brain and has the potential to align the Throat, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras.

Having a piece of Benitoite within one’s energy field will activate a barrier of protection around them

BENITOITE assist in acquiring guidance from the angelic realm. It brings lightness and joy with a depth of beauty to enhances one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

BENITOITE takes the experience of Astral Traveling to the highest level

BENITOITE is an excellent stone for one trying to further their psychic development and multidimensional communication.  It aids in aligning the two hemispheres of the brain, which, in return, facilitates communication with extraterrestrials.

Possessing a warrior like energy, BENITOITE pushes one to stand up for who they are and speak the truth residing deep within their core.  It helps clarify one’s path by cutting away the unnecessary elements that are in the way.  It merely simplifies things so that one can act in a practical and integrated way.

BENITOITE is an excellent aid for any healer or spiritual journeyer

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CHAKRA(s): THROAT, Third-Eye & Crown

ELEMENT: Wind & Spirit

STRUCTURE: Hexagonal




  • Guidance
  • Channeling
  • Healing


  • Psychic Protection


  • Channeling
  • Clairvoyance
  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities
  • Increased Synchronicity
  • Expanded Consciousness
  • Inner Vision
  • New Ideas
  • Angelic Guidance
  • Astral Projection
  • Divine Communication
  • Remote Viewing
  • Creative Expression
  • Communication
  • Charisma
  • Self Expression
  • Confidence


  • Assist with remote viewing and astral travel
  • Radiates energy of light
  • Facilitates meditative states
  • Assist in perceiving the aura, Chakras and Etheric Blueprint
  • Initiates psychic protection
  • Infuses energy field with high frequency energy
  • Assist in overcoming fear of knowing the truth
  • Allows one to access information from Ancient Cultures
  • Allows one to overcome the illusion of physicality
  • Fantastic aid for the inward journeyer
  • Facilitates travel to the astral, subtle and casual planes
  • Helps one maintain consciousness while out-of-body
  • Opens doors to all types of paranormal abilities
  • Aids meditative communication with Guardian Angels/Guides


  • Aligns The Hemispheres of The Brain



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