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Stone of Communication

SHATTUCKITE is a strong psychic communication stone that possesses numerous amounts of unusual gifts within its vibration. That is what makes it perfect to have during the development of various psychic abilities. The vibration of this crystal strengthens the communication with the spirit world and ensures that each spirit contacted is one of the highest power. If you have trouble verbalizing wisdom channeled from spirit, this is the stone for you.

SHATTUCKITE  assist in the healing of relationships, as it influences one to speak and live from their heart. It promotes one to take ownership for their past actions. Wherever you place this stone it will create a peaceful environment. The energy of this stone calms the mind  to bring balance and harmony into one’s life space.

SHATTUCKITE is an excellent stone for those wanting to open their psychic channel. It is great for anyone developing, or involved, in Psychic Communication. Mediums could really benefit from this stone, as it not only helps to create a deeper connection to the spirit realm, but it helps one to verbally state what is channeled during a reading.

(Cleanse with water and charge in the sun.)

CHAKRA(s): Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Crown & Higher Heart



ZODIAC: Pisces, Libra & Taurus

ELEMENT: Water & Wind


  • Psychic Protection
  • Protects From Possession During Channeling
  • Remove Hypnotic Commands


  • Psychic Visions
  • Throat Chakra
  • Intuition
  • Mediumship
  • Channeling
  • Psychic Knowing
  • Automatic Writing
  • Sensory Interpretation (synesthesia)
  • Telepathy
  • Intuition
  • Communication
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  • Heightens the vibration of the connection to the spirit world
  • Aligns the Third-Eye, Throat, Crown, Higher Crown and Higher Heart Chakras
  • Helps with the reprogramming of one’s DNA
  • Raises the vibrations of the wearer
  • A helpful tool for attracting pure Spirits/Spirit-Guides/Ascended Masters/Deceased Loved Ones
  • Helps to align one with the Divine mind
  • Stimulates mental and intuitive abilities to work together in union
  • Allows all communications to reflect the wisdom of Spirit
  • Used to channel information from extra-terrestrials
  • Strengthens the ability to openly speak truth with compassion
  • Assist with reconciliation and renewal
  • Calms the mind and creates harmony
  • Aids one to live/speak from a heart base perspective
  • Will assist one in learning to be psychic
  • Helps translate/interpret images/symbols channeled from spirit into meaningful information
  • Assists one to fully develop their psychic gifts
  • Great stone for psychic communication
  • Use in meditation to strengthen psychic gifts
  • Edicts against using psychic vision
  • Helps bring the body back into balance after one encounters stressful influences
  • Helps one to see the subtleties underlying the obvious
  • Helps clarify the words from the Divine source
  • Assist the progress of automatic writing
  • Assist one to communicate with integrity and accuracy
  • Wear as a pendant so it can vibrate within the chakras above, as well as the Chakras below
  • Helps develop and sharpen intuition
  • Strengthen one’s ability to concentrate
  • Great for mediums, card readers, automatic writers, astrologists, etc. (one of psychic employment)
shattuckite SHATTUCKITE shattuckite


  • Troubled Relationships
  • Assist to Balance the spleen
  • Parathyroid
  • Clear Energy Blockages
  • Treats Tonsillitis
  • General Tonic For The Body
  • Helps Heal Diabetes
  • Stimulates Calcium Absorption
  • Helps with Infestations
  • Reprograms The DNA
  • Stabilizes Mental Functions
  • Blood Clotting
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