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“Stone of Lightworkers”



Scolecite, is a very powerful high vibration crystal with the energy to awaken the heart and blend its energies with the higher chakras. This will aid one in making a deeper spiritual connection. Another benefit of this crystal is how it can break through any stagnant energy to allow for the free-flowing of energies through the entire chakra system and aura. This will fill one with a deep and relaxing peace of serenity.

Scolecite opens one up to the spiritual realms beyond the physical plane.

Scolecite can bring info from the past and future to aid one during their physical existence. It helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources and enhances the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep.

Scoelcite is an excellent stone to awaken the heart and open one up to expressions of love.

Scolecite can act as a guide for those experienced in Astral Travel. It also has the ability to help one connect with different entities from other realms, tap into the Akashic Records and receive ancient knowledge from past and future civilizations. Meditating with Scolecite will promote inner-peace and fill one with an overwhelming joy of relaxation.

When exchanged between lovers it creates this profound heart-to-heart connection.

Chakra(s): Heart, Third-Eye & Crown

Vibration: 1

Element: Wind

Planet: Moon

Zodiac: Capricorn


  • Power
  • Love
  • Transformation


  • Against The Evil-Eye


  • Inner-Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Tranquility
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Awakening The Heart Chakra
  • Opening The Third-Eye Chakra
  • Good Fortune
  • Understanding
  • Abundance
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Serenity
  • Deep Meditation
  • Enhanced Dreams
  • Connections
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Team Work
  • Emotional Stability

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Enhances the Heart chakra energies
  • Allows one to gently open to one’s higher nature
  • Helps to expand the realms beyond the physical plane
  • Invites interaction with other peace-loving beings
  • Opens the Third-Eye chakra
  • Assist one in connecting to the Akashic Records
  • Allows one to get information on ancient knowledge
  • Promotes tolerance, inner peace and deep relaxation
  • Excellent stone to bestow on a loved one
  • Helpful in removing energy blockages and cleansing the aura
  • Improves relationships
  • Attunes one to the higher chakras (Third-Eye, Crown and above)
  • Enhances meditative and dream states
  • Ensconces your being in sublime tranquility
  • Transports one to a higher state of consciousness
  • Assist one in connecting with extraterrestrial beings
  • Used to decrease violent thoughts, emotion and behavior
  • Great stone for use in massage or energy treatments
  • Helps to keep remember that we all are made of the same energy

Healing Properties:

  • Supports Serotonin Levels In The Brain
  • Treats intestinal disorders
  • Alignment of The Spine
  • Treats Wounds, Bruises and Blood-clotting
  • Aids Lower Digestive System
  • Rids The Body of Parasites
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