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“The Stone of Spiritual Elevation”


Moldavite is the catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good.

MOLDAVITE is worshiped by many for its very strong and intense vibrations. It triggers healing on all areas of the physical, mental ans spiritual bodies. The healing can occur in the physical reality, within the Chakra systems, in one’s dreams, on the spiritual dimensions, within one’s career or relationships and just about any other dimension of reality that involves crystal healing. Put your trust in Moldavite, because it already knows what it is that needs to be changed, fixed or healed. Take note, that this healing is needed to be done to allow one’s vibrations to rise to the same level as the Moldavite.

MOLDAVITE is surrounded by this alluring, yet mischievous energy. It offers healing through chaos. As they say, there’s always a storm before the calm. Moldavite brings chaos through its ability to seek into the subconscious and brings to the surface our worst fears. This process is scary, but highly beneficial. Often times, our deepest fears never reach the conscious mind due to the possibility that acknowledging them will manifest them. This causes them to remain dormant in the subconscious unknown until the moment one comes face to face with them.

MOLDAVITE is a spiritual catalyst stone and in the process of ascension, fear is the main thing blocking access to raising our vibrations and accessing higher planes of consciousness. During the process of integration we must come to realize what is illusion and what is reality. The process of shining light in the darkest corners of our being will showcase how the big monster was truly a small mouse. This clarity and reassurance is enlightening and offers the best form of purification.

However, the powerful healing properties associated with the energy of Moldavite make up for the chaos it puts one through. It must be noted, whenever SOUL is prepared to transform the personality through use of Moldavite it will manifest somehow. Honestly, like every other crystal, Moldavite will come when its energy is needed.

Once the transformation starts it’s a non stop roller coaster ride. Note, that the changes it brings can be intense and rapid, but they are significant and valuable to the individual going through the change.

I believe that this is a beneficial stone for anyone on a spiritual journey. However, it is recommended for those that are more spiritually protected, developed and evolved. One will know when it is their turn to have Moldavite join their journey.

It is known that just holding a piece of Moldavite, even for a just a second, can influence one to experience a dramatic transformation. Moldavite connects one to their higher-self, which will unleash new perceptions, illuminates new spiritual paths, brings about new awareness, grants one with a new knowing, puts one through self-healing and channels cosmic communication.

It’s energy will fully clear, balance and heal a person on all levels for elevation of consciousness to prepare them for a spiritual quest with no chance of turning back.

The spiritual energies of Moldavite stimulates spiritual awakening, spiritual elevation, spiritual development and spiritual ascension all for the purpose of spiritual discovery.


  •  DO NOT CLEANSE MOLDAVITE WITH SEA SALT. (run under cool water)
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CHAKRA(s): All, Heart & Thymus (Opens/Aligns/Activates All)


ZODIAC:  Scorpio


ELEMENT: Wood/Storm

PLANETS: Uranus/Neptune/Pluto


  • Power
  • Love
  • Healing
  • Transformation


  • From Negative Attachments
  • Spiritual Protection


  • Vivid Dreams
  • Increases synchronicity
  • Inner Sight
  • Transformation
  • Evolution
  • Activation
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Mental Clarity
  • Ascension
  • Access to Higher-Self
  • Identifying The Shadow
  • Awareness
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Spiritual Development


  • Accelerates one’s spiritual path
  • Tunes one to their higher-self
  • A useful tool for individuals who are Clairsentient (Ability to feel/touch beyond physical senses)
  • Activation stone to propel one into spiritual transformation
  • Allows for higher spiritual beings to assist an individual in his/her spiritual evolution
  • Embraces and Empowers one’s spirit
  • Encourages the acquisition of knowledge and experience
  • Raises the consciousness of the wearer to reach higher realms
  • Clears the Aura of the wearer of any attachments
  • Assist in the full mending of the physical, mental and spiritual planes
  • Awakens the intelligence of the heart
  • Disconnects one with unhealthy attachments and addictions
  • Known to be a great spiritual catalyst
  • Heightens communication to other realms
  • Balances all of the Chakras
  • Speeds up awareness and cosmic consciousness.
  • Stimulates cooperation between life here on earth and those of an extra-terrestrial origin
  • Illuminates one’s deepest secrets
  • Sensitizes the heart to connect with the divine
  • Excellent stone for dream work and meditation
  • Its power accelerates revitalization
  • The combination of any stone with this stone will take the other stones energy up a notch
moldavite MOLDAVITE molda


  • Clears Blockages
  • Emotional Stress/Fear/Anger/Grief
  • Ease Symptoms of Epilepsy
  • Reduces Asthma
  • Clears The Body of Toxins
  • Treats Fevers
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