th lemon chrysoprase LEMON CHRYSOPRASE th
lemon chrysoprase LEMON CHRYSOPRASE lemon chrysoprase

“The Stone of Settlement”

LEMON CHRYSOPRASE is best known for it’s ability to build a bridge for the leaping of a new direction into life. The vibration of this stone connects with the energy of the wearer to open him/her up to their personal artistic talents. It then fills them with motivation and inspiration.

Lemon Chrysoprase is great for anyone dealing with anorexia or a form of eating disorder. It promotes the natural instinct to eat and drink as it slowly transforms the body back into a healthy physical state.

cabochon-lemon-chrysoprase-natural-12x10mm-calibrated-oval-b-grade-moh---p2258cbb lemon chrysoprase LEMON CHRYSOPRASE cabochon lemon chrysoprase natural 12x10mm calibrated oval b grade moh p2258cbb e1568567641375

CHAKRA(s): Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart


  • Hope
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Protection


  • Against Negative Thoughts
  • On Sea Voyages
  • Against Nightmares


  • Hope
  • Creativity
  • Healing
  • Balance
  • Compassion
  • Fidelity
  • Courage
  • Restfulness
  • Appetite
  • Inner-Confidence
  • Self-Belief
  • Security


  • Encourages a relaxed dream state
  • Connects one with unselfish feelings
  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra
  • Allows for the acceptance of oneself
  • Helps overcome depression and negative thoughts
  • Helps one make conscious what is unconscious
  • Encourages fidelity
  • Clarifies solutions to problemsstruggles
  • Draws out artistic talent and inspires creativity
  • Promotes love and truth
  • Hold over any wounds to speed the healing process
  • Helps children to stop having nightmares
  • Place next to the bed to aid restful sleep
  • DO NOT place in the sunlight (the sun fades the color of this stone)
  • Helps in settling and overcoming fear
  • Gets one back to a natural and balanced state
  • Helps one overcome the fear of the nightdark
  • Calms the mind to become more receptive of new ideas and wise teaching
  • Place on the Third-Eye for a more vivid and lucid meditative state
lemon chrysoprase LEMON CHRYSOPRASE lemon chrysoprase tumbled


  • Depression
  • Easting Disorders
  • Stomach Upsets
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Speeds Healing of All Wounds



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