PSX_313 boulder opal BOULDER OPAL psx 313

BOULDER OPAL is known to open one’s consciousness to higher vibrations and reaching levels emanating from one’s soul. This helps one to “see” the “bigger picture”.

BOULDER OPAL stimulates the integration process between the soul and the personality. The process where the soul is infused in the personality.

BOULDER OPAL links the conscious and subconscious mind

CHAKRA(s): Root & Crown

ZODIAC: Scorpio



  • Strengthens The Aura


  • Clarity
  • Pure Thoughts
  • Calmness
  • Past-Life Recall
  • Emotional Security
  • Spiritual Progression
  • Openness
  • Inner-Beauty
  • Faithfulness
Boulder-opal-loose boulder opal BOULDER OPAL boulder opal loose


  • Clears and strengthens the auric field
  • Helps one find to their center
  • In meditation it facilitates counsel with spirit guides
  • Balances and aligns all Chakras
  • Restores one to optimum health
  • Helps in grounding high vibrational energy into the physical plane
  • Allows us to shine our inner light
  • Restores exhausted energy


  • Eyesight


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