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The Spiral of Time

Ammonite: The Spiral of Time and Transformation

Ammonite fossils, with their mesmerizing spiral patterns, are not just ancient relics but powerful tools for transformation and growth. They hold the energy of time, evolution, and resilience, reminding us to embrace change and navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Ammonite Card by Healers Hub

Ammonites, the extinct cephalopods that once roamed the ancient seas, have left behind a legacy of captivating beauty and profound energy. Their fossilized remains, with their intricate spiral patterns, hold a timeless wisdom that resonates deeply with those seeking transformation, grounding, and a connection to the ancient world.

Ammonite’s Journey Through Time

Ammonites, named after the Egyptian god Ammon, whose horns resembled their spiral shells, thrived for over 300 million years, leaving behind an impressive fossil record. Their diverse forms and patterns reflect the incredible adaptability and resilience of these creatures, surviving through countless environmental changes and ultimately disappearing with the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

The Power of the Spiral

The iconic spiral of the Ammonite holds a powerful symbolism. It represents the cyclical nature of life, the continuous flow of time, and the constant process of growth and evolution. It reminds us that change is inevitable, and embracing transformation is key to navigating life’s journey.

Physical Properties

Physical Characteristics of Ammonite
Ammonite 3

Ammonite fossils are composed of aragonite, a mineral with a unique crystalline structure that creates the beautiful iridescent patterns often seen on their surfaces. The color and texture of Ammonites vary depending on the fossilization process and the minerals present in the surrounding sediment. Some Ammonites display captivating rainbows of color, while others have a more muted, earthy appearance.

Metaphysical Properties

Ammonite’s energy resonates with ancient wisdom, reminding us of our interconnectedness to the Earth and the cyclical nature of life. Its healing properties offer guidance, protection, and grounding, empowering us to embrace change and navigate challenges with grace.

  • Grounding and Centering: Ammonite’s connection to the Earth provides a strong grounding energy, anchoring us to the present moment and helping us release anxiety, fear, and overthinking. It creates a sense of stability and serenity, allowing us to move through life with greater balance and clarity.
  • Protection and Safety: The spiral pattern of the Ammonite is believed to create a protective energy field, shielding us from negativity, psychic attacks, and harmful energies. It provides a sense of safety and security, empowering us to face challenges with courage and resilience.
  • Transformation and Growth: Ammonite encourages us to embrace change and view it as an opportunity for growth. Its energy inspires us to let go of outdated patterns and beliefs, allowing us to evolve and become the best versions of ourselves.
  • Resilience and Strength: The Ammonite’s ability to survive for millions of years, adapting to changing environments, speaks to its inherent strength and resilience. Its energy empowers us to overcome adversity, persevere through challenges, and emerge stronger from life’s trials.

Healing Properties

Ammonite’s energy extends beyond the spiritual realm, offering benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Boosting Energy Levels: Ammonite is believed to revitalize and energize the body, promoting vitality and vitality.
  • Relieving Stress and Anxiety: Its grounding energy can ease stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm, promoting calmness and inner peace.
  • Supporting the Immune System: Some believe Ammonite can boost the immune system, enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
  • Balancing Chakras: Ammonite is associated with the Root Chakra, grounding us to the Earth and providing stability and security. It also works in harmony with the Sacral Chakra, promoting creativity, passion, and vitality.

Spiritual Benefits

Ammonite’s connection to the ancient world and its unique spiral pattern open doors to a deeper spiritual journey.

  • Connecting to Ancient Wisdom: Ammonite fosters a connection to the wisdom of the ancient world, allowing us to access insights and knowledge that transcend time.
  • Deepening Intuition: Its energy can enhance intuition, guiding us toward our true path and helping us access our inner wisdom.
  • Embracing Change: Ammonite encourages us to embrace change as a natural part of life’s journey, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and transformation.
  • Honoring the Cycle of Life: Its spiral symbolizes the continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things and the cyclical nature of existence.

How to Use Ammonite

  • Meditation: Hold an Ammonite during meditation to connect to its grounding energy, enhance intuition, and promote clarity.
  • Placement in the Home: Place Ammonites in your home to create a sense of peace, protection, and grounding energy.
  • Jewelry: Wear Ammonite jewelry to carry its energy with you throughout your day, promoting grounding, resilience, and transformation.
  • Crystal Grids: Use Ammonite in crystal grids to enhance the energy of other crystals, amplify grounding, and promote transformation.
  • Water Infusions: Some believe placing Ammonite in water can infuse the water with its healing properties.

Caring for Ammonite

Ammonite fossils are relatively durable but require gentle care.

  • Cleaning: Clean your Ammonite with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Storing: Store your Ammonite in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

What to Take

  • Ammonite for Grounding: Keep an Ammonite near your desk or in a pocket to ground your energy, reduce stress, and promote clarity.
  • Ammonite for Protection: Carry an Ammonite with you to create a protective shield against negativity and harmful energies.
  • Ammonite for Transformation: Place an Ammonite on your altar or in a place where you meditate to encourage personal growth, embrace change, and release limiting beliefs.
  • Ammonite for Connection to the Earth: Hold an Ammonite in your hand to connect to the Earth’s energy, promote grounding, and feel a sense of stability and peace.


Ammonite fossils, with their ancient wisdom and captivating spiral patterns, hold a profound energy that can guide us on our journey of transformation. They remind us to embrace change, navigate challenges with resilience, and find grounding in the present moment. Whether you are seeking to enhance your spiritual connection, promote healing, or simply find a sense of peace and stability, Ammonite is a powerful tool for growth and transformation.






Ammonite fossils can amplify the energy of other crystals when placed near them.

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