Stones For Empaths

Yes, I have a few that will help. As an Empath myself, I know what you are going through. Along with crystals, you may want to shower twice a day, as water helps clean the aura. Another technique you can do is in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed at night, imagine a white ball of light above your head and allow it to enter from the top of your head and envision it going through your third eye, then down into your throat and have it end at your heart chakra. From there, imagine a green lotus flower blooming out from your chest. Once the flower is open imagine the white ball expanding from your chest and increasing in size. Don’t let it stop growing until it is totally surrounding your being. Once it is around you, I want you to state to yourself and feel the words to be true, “I love myself and I love everyone around me. I am protected from any and all outside energy that is not my own. I am strong. I am confident. I am love.”

Whenever you feel like you are experiencing emotions that are not your own I want you to acknowledge it. Tell yourself that you are happy. Tell yourself you are only love.

Here are a list of Crystals that help me.

1. Citrine is a great crystal for Empaths as it shields the aura of the wearer from all outside emotional and mental influences. (I wear Citrine with Amethyst for ultimate protection from negative emotions and negative energy.)

2. Blue Kyanite is my fav. crystal for protection, psychic development and spiritual progression. Its an excellent spiritual grounding stone. The best thing about it is that it never needs to be cleaned, as it doesn’t absorb negative energy. It Demolishes all negative energy in its presence. This is also a great stone to keep low frequency spirits away.

4. Yellow Jasper is a great stone for replenishing energy. If ever I feel down or weak, I put this stone on and I feel refreshed. (I wear Yellow Jasper with Blue Kyanite to keep my whole body balanced and to heal and protect my aura.)

5. Sugilite is a great stone that teaches love and protects in matters of spiritual quest. Increase it’s protection with Amethyst. It promotes self-love and universal love while bringing light and love into the darkest situations. Sugilite is also beneficial to anyone feeling alienated, abandoned or alone.

NOTE: You can always wear or carry a Clear Quarts to protect yourself, as it is the best crystal for protecting and healing. Hold it in your hand as ask the crystal to either protect you, heal your aura or whatever you wish.

Connecting With Crystals

When you first acquire a crystal you should sit in lotus position, hold the crystal in your left hand and take several deep breaths. imagine your left palm spinning and ask to connect with the energy of the crystal. Once you begin to feel the energetic sensation coming from your palm, ask the crystal to offer you protection and healing.

7 thoughts on “Stones For Empaths

  1. Courtney Stair says:

    Hi I have just figured out recently that I’m an empath. I’ve always known I was different but never knew why. I’ve suffered from migraines most of my life and nothing works! I would love to get these crystals to see if that helps me. Can you tell me where to find these, preferably online, so I can get them?


  2. Sammi says:

    Thank you very much for this information. I am a highly sensitive empath and am currently struggling with it. Thanks so much! I will try these crystals.


  3. Michael Mc Namara says:

    Carnelian, sunstone, hematite, pink tourmaline, nummite, shield stone bracelet from sele, iRenew bracelet, infinite stone, onyx bracelet with dzi bead-these are all bracelets. Some of these are used on each wrist(meaning there are two of the same kind-one on each wrist). Amulets of mostly multi-colored azeztulite and ajoite, papagoite, shattuckite, and kyanite(never loses its positivity). Sunstone, Azeztulite(various types), Rosaphia, and Rudraksha necklaces. Every other day, sugilite amulet. Orgone used in pockets. Black sun orgonite(the one that is the strongest) is a good grounding stone. I have a lemon quartz amulet blessed by my shaman for protection, and a special high-altitude azez with ajoite, papagoite, shattuckite that can be used against energy attacks. It’s also important to get away from the area where your energy is being drained(usually by the same people, over and over). You have to remain vigilant, but this formula works pretty well, if you are an empath. I charge all these stones under a pyramid and/or in the sun. I carry stones(mostly azeztulite from the shaman) to be used in my left glove at work. My right glove contains the strongest black sun orgonite for grounding. I have a big quartz crystal point from high-altitude in the Himalayas, that is a healer. I also have big pieces of Labradorite from the Shaman that are very protective, and will snap my spine(mostly in the upper neck) when I relax.


  4. shawny7726 says:

    Download Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible 2nd ED.(Higher acension)stones and purchase the stones on ebay. The stone which there at least 5-10 that are acceptable can be found in the book. the download is free. Read about the stones and see which ones you gravitate towards and purchase it. I hate to recommend a perticular stone because not all stones work for each person at least that is what i have learned through the years. I hope this help you and future light workers.


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